Company Overview

Selectrix Industries started as a small family business in Preston back in 1978. Our philosophy is very employee biased, which has resulted in a very close knit Selectrix community of loyal, talented, and hard working members. Many employees have been with the company for periods of 10 to 20 years, and then there are sons/daughters who have also started, bringing another generation with new fresh ideas.

We have two main specialties, the Selectlok brand of industrial locks, latches, hinges, and sealing rubber used in any sheetmetal cabinets. Applications can include electrical switchboards, IT server racks, telecommunications cabinets, trucks, service vehicles, buses, trains, trams, and any other application requiring a metal cabinet to be locked. Then there is the high technology arm of the Selectrix Group, called Selectrail. Selectrail specialises in products to service the Railway Signalling industry.

The Selectlok Division is due to release many new products that have been in development. For instance, one example being electronic locking solutions that do not require external electric power, nor do they require batteries. The locking barrel contains a mini generator that is powered up after the key is inserted. Hence solving the problem of either getting mains power to a lock barrel/padlock and/or solving the problem of batteries constantly going flat.

The Selectrix Group has been the recipient of the most innovative product award from FEN/AIEE for it’s swing handle innovation solution for safely locking outside electrical cabinets and ensuring against both water ingress and vandalism, the traditional headache of municipalities and utilities in control of these major assets.

We are proud of the long term relationships it has with our Global Strategic Partners. Together we offer the widest range of products and services which are married to a leading edge technology base.