News Flash, our handles are bullet proof

News Flash, our handles are bullet proof

August 22, 2019

Police officers who were shot at on patrol and fled to safety in a nearby McDonald’s were left shaken, in an attack that police command has described as “outrageous”.
Two police officers were behind the wheel of a divisional van when their vehicle was peppered with shotgun pellets on Horne Street, near the Sunbury McDonald’s, north-west of Melbourne, about 3.15am on Tuesday August 13, 2019.
The pair drove to the McDonald’s and sought refuge inside but when a sergeant and another officer arrived for back up, they were also shot at.
While the police took cover, their van was shot at again. Police said a silver sedan then rammed the car before speeding off.

Our heavy duty handles used on Victoria Police vans are bullet proof. Read more on the incident here

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